Health and Safety

Most important assets of the SouthGobi are its employees. Injuries to its employees and/or damage to its physical assets threaten the reputation of the Company and its financial success. SouthGobi is therefore committed to a target of zero incidents in all of its activities by implementing industry best practice and demonstrating leadership in occupational health and safety.

We will utilize appropriate recognized management systems, including documentation of all relevant occupational health and safety matters and compliance auditing from SouthGobi and other third parties, if necessary, to support the concept of continued improvement. We will also provide effective training and appropriate and sufficient resources for people to work safely and effectively.

SouthGobi employees and contractors must accept as their shared responsibility that zero harm and loss is a priority when performing all activities associated with the company. To achieve our target it is essential that SouthGobi employees and contractors believe that all loss is preventable and accept responsibility for their personal safety and the safety of others and to protect the integrity of the company's physical assets at all times.

SouthGobi commits:

  • to plan for safe, efficient and productive work
  • to ensure that all employees and contractors are made aware of their responsibilities towards health and safety.
  • to assess and control the risk of loss as part of every decision it makes
  • to comply with relevant legislation and internal occupational health and safety policies and procedures
  • that all SouthGobi and contractor Managers will demonstrate and promote safety leadership
  • that SouthGobi employees and contractors will participate in managing health and safety related issues
  • that final contractor selection will include an acceptable review of their Health and Safety programs and a commitment to meeting SouthGobi occupational health and safety standards
  • that all reported incidents will be investigated with a view to preventing recurrence

All SouthGobi employees and contractors are required to understand and act in accordance with this policy.