Corporate Social Responsibility

SouthGobi strives to be a leader in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) across all of the company's investments and exploration, mining and processing activities in Mongolia, and across all stages of the project life cycle. This policy commits all of SouthGobi's employees, board members and contractors and demonstrates our commitments and values to our partners in social responsibility.

CSR for SouthGobi is a continuous commitment to behave ethically, contribute to sustainable development while improving quality of life for our workforce, their families, local communities where we work, and the wider Mongolian society. We commit to understanding and responding to concerns and aspirations of the community to enhance the quality of life for communities impacted by our business activities, and work in partnership to create a positive legacy.

We strive to do no harm to communities and the natural resource base on which people depend, and to respect human rights in accordance with international norms.

SouthGobi strives to go 'beyond compliance'; that is, act lawfully, and do more than is required by national and local law, and take a long term strategic view in our operations and activities. In taking this enduring view, SouthGobi seeks to be the employer and operator of choice for employees and communities in Mongolia, where we seek acceptance and participation from the local community and stakeholders.

Our approach requires efforts for continuous improvement and being alert and responsive to new issues and considerations as these emerge over time.

Our CSR commitment also requires transparency in reporting periodically on our progress: to our employees, shareholders, Governments, to the public, and to the communities where we work. SouthGobi recognizes the value of our partnerships with the community, stakeholders and Government. Our profitability is influenced by the strength of these partnerships, and so our ability to contribute to the sustainable development of Mongolia through ongoing investment into the community.

SouthGobi will act across four CSR themes: Responsible Economic Growth; Environment; Human Capital; and Community:

  • Responsible economic development commits SouthGobi to pursuit of its business objectives lawfully, ethically and always respectfully of its employees, host communities and the environment for shared sustainable development outcomes.
  • SouthGobi is committed to responsive and effective environmental impact management, across all of its exploration, development and production activities, through ongoing risk assessment, openness and partnership working with stakeholders to implement best practices in environmental management.
  • SouthGobi acknowledges that its employees are its most important assets, and maintains its commitment to providing safe and healthy work conditions with fair remuneration for its people, with a target of zero incidents in all its activities.
  • SouthGobi aspires to be a leader in community relations. Fundamental to this is treating people with dignity and respect, and ensuring we work effectively and respectfully with stakeholders in a consultative framework to establish priorities and implement agreed actions.